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Personalized dummies -  Eurobébé offers the largest selection of personalized dummies on the market

Personalized dummies are a fantastic invention which is at the same time practical and hygienic. Eurobébé offers you the largest selection of personalized dummies on the market. We collaborate with the most important dummy producers in Europe which enables us to have always more the 100 different kinds of dummies in stock in many colors and models. Choose the dummy that suits your child; write the name or text on the dummy and order. We deliver your dummies direct to you.

Why should I give my child a personalized dummy?

A personalized dummy is a very practical and hygienic solution in everyday’s busy life. A dummy with name makes, not only your life, but the life of the staff in your child’s nursery or kindergarten simpler by making it easier to find your child’s dummy amongst others. As a parent we are all familiar with a lost or exchanged dummy. Who has not found their child with another child’s dummy in their mouth? This happens because the dummies are not easy to recognize from one another. The biggest issue with exchanged dummies is the danger of contagion, especially during the winter season where the flu and colds are frequent. Having your child’s name engraved on the dummy can help alleviate this problem. With a name on the dummy, it is easy to find its owner and it often prevents other children from using it. If you are tired of exchanged dummies, you can order nice personalized dummies in many colors at Eurobébé. Use your imagination and design a unique and personal dummy for your child. You can also use symbols such as hearts and stars. We offer dummies with funny texts or flags. Always quick delivery right to your door. Personalized dummies are therefore a practical little thing that will make your everyday life much easier!